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Education, in consonance with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment. Such a journey opens up new vistas of development of Humanism where there is neither scope nor room for pettiness, disharmony, Jealously, hatred or enmity. It transforms a human being into a wholesome whole, a noble soul and an asset to the world. Real education enhances the dignity of a human being and increases his or her self - respect and universal brotherhood in its true sense and thus he/she becomes the sheet anchor for such education.
It is this aspect of education that we must focus on. Where there is no code of conduct or basic honesty and integrity, that institution is certain to crumble to ruin. Only the honest, dedicated and persevering individuals will be successful in life and such great souls will never succumb to the pulls of circumstances, swim against the tide and even change the course of history.
Education must teach people to do something good for mankind. Apart from imparting professional skills and promising to inculcate the ideals of social justice, environmental protection, gender equality, scientific temper and work culture among our students, our education system must also promote value based education that turns out good citizens who will rise above the self and have a sense of devotion and dedication, sincerity and honesty, working hard to make an enlightened society and nation.

So, it is absolutely mandatory to design and device a conducive and vibrant atmosphere in the schools which will inculcate eternal values, morals and ethics in our students and will seek to enrich our society in due course of time. Then and only then, our students will develop a mission in life and for them education will be a meaningful journey towards excellence and enlightenment. They will never compromise with the ideals which they hold dear. Thus, all of them will convert their learning to a cause greater than life. There real education will begin when they leave the portals of their educational institutions. Theirs will be a lifelong education aimed at rooting out in justice everywhere and bringing about the welfare of all as SWAMI VIVEKANANDA helped us wake up to  the tremendous strength in every human  being and  MAHARSHI DAYANAND SARASWATI who being a great Spiritual Leader brought about changes in the religious perception of the Indians, founded Arya Samaj to make the world a nobler one and most importantly revived Indian Educational System by bringing together pupils from different strata of the society in one platform. 

In this context, our teachers must play a very crucial role for making our cherished dreams realized. They must create a culture of positivity among the students and motivate them to fulfill their potentials by focusing on their high moral and intellectual performances.  They should be instrumental to develop a passion – based learning i.e.  to make learning something that pulls a student’s potentials  to the next level and also to develop their soft skills that determine how effectively and harmoniously he can interact with others . The teachers must channelize their skills competencies in the right direction for the overall development of the children and subsequently for the noble cause of nation  building. This world of ours is an awfully big and beautiful place and all the successful people / nation builders must make it an even more beautiful and incredible place to live at least for the future generation by spending the time purposefully and meaningfully with the people than spending it over material things, leading others to success, creating something useful and innovative to reach the desired goals and by making a lot of people happy and cheerful at the same time. 

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