ECL Rajmahal Area Urjanagar Po Mahagama Distt. Godda Jharkhand - 814154.
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From the Desk of A. Regional Officer  

True to the Vedic ideal ‘Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye’, DAV institutions which are the gifts of AryaSamaj, relentlessly strive to render a unique service in not only dispelling the darkness of ignorance but also in producing thousands of distinctive individuals of unparalleled merit, integrity and caliber since 1886. The strength and success of DAV Schools lie in the harmonious blend of science and technology with a sound grounding of Ancient Vedic culture. Apart from ensuring academic excellence, these institutions focus on to produce the future leaders to deal with new and trying situations by inculcating in the students genuine love and appreciation for Indian Values, morals and ethics; developing integrity, self-discipline,honour, dignity and a versatile character; and promoting & encouraging initiative, reliance and leadership qualities.There is no denying the fact that true education makes the people easy to lead and so we are eagerly looking forward to mould a new generation of leaders who equipped with all the aforesaid qualities will hold the key to decide the fate of our nation.

                                                                                                                                                                   -Dr. B.P. Yadav

Asst. Regional Officer